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Pricing a Web Project (how much will a site cost you)

So, you need a site built but you really have no clue what to expect to spend. You’re not alone.  This is probably the most asked question we get before we scratch the surface of a project.  And we totally understand.  You want to price shop without having to engage a company too deeply.

What is Digital Delish Anyway?

First off, yes, we know it’s not grammatically correct.  We don’t care.  Digital Delish is what we are all about.  It defines what we produce. Though people usually associate deliciousness with food, it can be used to describe many other things.  I, for one, find the smooth glide of my snowboard on freshly fallen powder […]

Entrepreneurship From a Newbie

It was only seven months ago, but it seems like years.  I was sitting at my desk in my spacious 4×6 cubicle zoning out, glossy eyed, gazing into my work computer. I had before me a task of utmost importance. Menial to most, but life or death to my superiors.  For the life of me I could not […]